Toenail Fungus

Treatment for Toenail Fungus

Toenail fungus can be especially difficult to treat, and without proper care, it can cause considerable pain and discomfort. Upperline Health helps patients overcome toenail fungal infections with laser treatment designed to eradicate fungus even in the deeper, hard-to-reach layers of tissue.

What causes toenail fungus?

Toenail fungus is caused by tiny fungal bodies called dermatophytes that enter the skin through tiny cuts or abrasions around the nail bed, especially in feet that are damp or moist, which makes skin more pliable and easily penetrated. The fungus tends to live in areas that are warm and damp, like locker room floors and public showers, pools and hot tub areas. It can also be contracted by wearing the shoes or unwashed socks of someone who has toenail fungus. Once the fungus is in the skin, it becomes rooted below the nail which provides a hard, protective barrier. As the fungus develops, it causes the nail to become discolored, brittle and friable, and over time, the nail area can become painful when pressure is applied, especially when wearing shoes. This condition can affect anyone, but it’s especially common among those with circulation disorders including circulation problems caused by diabetes and among people with compromised immune systems.

Can I use over-the-counter products as treatment?

Toenail fungus has very deep roots and the hard nail barrier can make it very difficult for over-the-counter products to reach the infection and eradicate the fungus. As a result, these products tend to be ineffective. While some may relieve symptoms temporarily, the fungal roots will soon spread and cause the infection to flare up again. Having fungal infections treated professionally is the best way to ensure the fungus is completely destroyed.

What is laser toenail fungus treatment?

Laser toe fungus treatment uses the highly-focused power of lasers to reach the deeper layers of tissue and the underside of the toenail where the fungus is located. Once the target tissues are reached, the laser energy heats up and destroys the fungal bodies while leaving the surrounding tissue intact. Unlike other professional treatments that require the nail to be removed during treatment, laser toenail fungal treatment allows the nail to remain in place. Plus, laser toenail treatments can be performed right in the office as outpatient procedures without the bleeding associated with more aggressive approaches.

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