Treatment for Sprains

Ankle sprains should always be taken seriously. Even if you can walk or limp, your Podiatrist can offer treatment. The ankle may suffer repeated injuries, permanent damage or even need surgery. Your Podiatrist can offer an evaluation, treatment plan and a proper diagnosis.

The ligaments in the ankle are often stretched beyond their capacity during strenuous activity or accidents. These important ligaments help stabilize the ankle and allow for sideways movement. When the ligaments are stretched or torn, a more serious condition can result. These injuries can cause excessive swelling and bruising making it nearly impossible to place much weight on that ankle.

Treating Sprains

After the diagnosis, a patient may receive anti-inflammatory medications. This can reduce swelling. Ice and elevating the ankle can also help the patient.

Patients may need to use crutches to avoid making the injury get worse. Sometimes, an ankle brace may be needed to support the ankle’s damaged ligaments. Although rare, surgery may be needed to properly fix ligaments.

Laser therapy may also be an option, and patients typically experience minimal discomfort.

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