Corns and Calluses

Corns and calluses treatment

What are Corns and Calluses?

Corns and calluses typically develop on the feet or toes and can be very painful when walking, especially when they press on the nerves surrounding the skin. A callus is a flattened area of thick, hard, dead skin that has developed on the sole of the foot where there is the most weight and pressure exerted. A corn is a more localized and highly concentrated point of thick, hard, dead skin, usually located at a pressure point such as under the joint of a toe. Corns can also develop between the toes when they rub together in the presence of moisture and friction.


Generally corns are simply removed and the problem is resolved immediately – however, it may return. Soft corns are often harder to treat because the entire area needs to be considered in order to harden the skin to allow proper removal. Fibrous corns and neurovascular corns are more difficult to treat as they have numerous nerve endings and often a strong vascular supply which can make enucleating these corns very painful. Local anesthetic is sometimes necessary as is the use of caustic or cryotherapy, in order to reduce the sensation in the lesion.

To diagnosis your corn and calluses, your Podiatrist will determine your gait, to check for any abnormalities that cause uneven pressure exertion along the foot. They may try to redistribute the weight in your foot more evenly using insoles or cushioning, so that this pressure is divided more evenly along the sole and not overly exerted in one area.

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