About Upperline Health

Triage is temporary. 
Treatment is transformative.

Founded in 2017 with the ambitious goal of changing specialty care,  Upperline Health delivers a more efficient path for patients to receive consistent and effective treatment for chronic illnesses. 

Upperline Health

Upperline Health providers coordinate patients’ care among a team of specialists, nurse practitioners, care navigators, nutritionists and pharmacists for integrated treatment that addresses patients’ immediate and long-term health needs. We put patients at the center of value-based care by:

  • Making Each Visit Count
  • Providing Treatment Over Triage
  • Delivering Care Where It Helps
  • Empowering Specialists

How it works

We recognize there is no one-size-fits-all to delivering quality healthcare to every American, but the status quo of triage over treatment is fragmented, expensive and cyclical, providing temporary relief at best. Consistent specialty care can help patients with chronic illnesses effectively manage their conditions long-term and dramatically improve their lifestyles – we have the expertise and 350,000 patients to prove it.

Upperline Health Holistic Care

Making Each Visit Count

Our patients already see specialists 4-6 times a year. Upperline’s model isn’t to burden patients with even more visits to the doctor, but to take the frequent encounters already occurring and expand those interactions to treat patients’ overall health and wellbeing. Receiving consistent, superior care establishes familiarity and trust between Upperline Health patients and providers, leading to higher engagement and better outcomes. 

Upperline Health Network

Providing Treatment Over Triage

Our patients’ time is precious. Medical appointments designed only to secure yet another referral are frustrating and time-consuming. We aim to help them as much as possible at every visit, ensuring patients receive the treatment they need to feel better, faster.

Upperline Health Telehealth

Delivering Care Where It Helps

We meet patients where they are, whether it’s in the doctor’s office, telephonic, or in their home, and deliver skilled and compassionate care. Each person is unique and we have care navigators to craft a personalized plan and remove barriers for patients.

Health Services Provided

Empowering Specialists

Our comprehensive approach is designed to unleash the full potential of specialists in our healthcare system. We believe every patient encounter is a chance to help the whole patient as well as an acute or specific need. When specialty practices are empowered and free to focus on the whole person, patient’s overall health and lives are improved. This is value-based care for specialists.

Leadership Team

Christiana Beveridge, Upperline Health

Christiana Beveridge

President & Chief Medical Officer, Upperline Plus

Lindy Blevins, Upperline Health

Lindy Blevins

Chief People Officer

Jenn Booker, Upperline Health

Jenn Booker

SVP, Population Health

David Bromfield, Upperline Health

David Bromfield

SVP, Growth

Carly Ferraro, Upperline Health

Carly Ferraro

SVP, Comprehensive Care

Joe Haffner, Upperline Health

Joe Hafner

VP, Risk Adjustment

Amy Katz, Upperline Health

Amy Katz

VP, Marketing

Mike King, DPM, Upperline Health

Mike King, DPM

Chief Medical Officer, Podiatry

Lindsey Lance. Upperline Health

Lindsey Lance

VP, Information Technology

Collin Lopez, Upperline Health

Collin Lopez

SVP, Finance

Marcus Moreno, Upperline Health

Marcus Moreno

Chief Operating Officer

Matt Pizzi, Upperline Health

Matt Pizzi

Chief Development Officer

Kyle Rate, Upperline Health

Kyle Rate

General Counsel

Lucas Taylor, Upperline Health

Lucas Taylor

SVP, Operations

David Thorpe, Upperline Health

David Thorpe

Chief Executive Officer

Brent Travers. Upperline Health

Brent Travers


Michelle Vaughn, Upperline Health

Michelle Vaughn

VP, Revenue Cycle

Jin Zou, Upperline Health

Jin Zou

Chief Financial Officer

Board Members

David Gordon

Darin Gordon

Mike Lester

Mike Lester

Adam Boehler

Adam Boehler

Marc Strauss

Marc Strauss

Jeffrey Crisan

Jeffrey Crisan

David Thorpe, Upperline Health

David Thorpe