A Specialty Path to Good Health

Upperline Health patients receive comprehensive medical treatment from a team of specialists for lower-extremity care, vascular care, chronic care management, and preventative health.

The journey to wellness may not be simple, but we make it simple to navigate.

Upperline Health Medication Adherence

Upperline Plus Benefits

Upperline Health Telehealth

Unlimited telehealth visits

Upperline Health Communication

24/7 provider access by phone

Upperline Health Urgent Care Locations

Urgent care visits at our locations

Upperline Health Pharmacy Services

Pharmacist consultations

Upperline Health Remote Biometric Monitoring

Remote biometric monitoring

Upperline Health Remote Home Visits

Home visits

Upperline Health Support

Mental health services

Clinical Dietician team

Nutritional assessments & dietician

Upperline Health Mobile Services

Community resources connections

Upperline Health Holistic Care

Personal patient navigator

Upperline Health Conditions Managed

Remote wound monitoring

Upperline Health Remote Endocrinologist

One-on-one texting and email

How your members benefit:

Upperline Health meets patients where they are — in the exam room or at home. We know that the sicker a patient is, the more specialists they see, and the less they see their primary care doctor. The patients most in need of extra support get the least.

Upperline leverages the frequent specialist visits for patients with chronic conditions, and meets the patients in that office with an interdisciplinary model designed for your most complex patients.

Blood Pressure Check

How the health plan benefits:


We build specialty networks in the markets for value-based care interventions. These are specialists that are already seeing the most complex patients that need an extra layer of support.


Upperline’s model targets complex patients at various stages in their journey and intervenes with an interidsiplinary team preventing unnecessary hospitalizations, ensuring patients care plans are followed while reducing unnecessary hospitalizations.


Upperline is convenient for patients since it leverages existing visits and relationships and provides more care during those interactions which leads to extremely high satisfaction.


Upperline’s model is adept at working within the existing team of providers and co-managing patients with their PCPs. These are complex patients needing an extra set of eyes, ears and hands in addition to other services.

Introducing Upperline Plus

Upperline Plus brings quality providers and coordinated care to Medicare members. The program helps members:

  • Navigate the health system,
  • Increase comfort and access to remote services and providers,
  • Keep their regular doctors and providers,

All with no cost or impact to their existing coverage.