Are you a Medicare patient already enrolled in Upperline Plus?

If yes, call 1-855-669-7843 for 24/7 access to care.

Upperline Plus for total health

Upperline Plus is an innovative healthcare program that helps providers work together to coordinate your care.

If you have Medicare, Medicare Advantage, or are under 65 and seek a comprehensive health management solution, we have an appropriate Upperline Plus program for you. Medicare Advantage availability varies by plan.

Upperline Plus ACO care

Upperline Plus Benefits

By signing a Voluntary Alignment Form and enrolling in Upperline Plus, you become eligible for the following healthcare benefits that make it easier to stay on top of your health.

If you have Medicare, there is no change to your existing healthcare coverage, no change to your doctors, and no restrictive networks.

Upperline Health Telehealth

Unlimited telehealth visits

Upperline Health Communication

24/7 provider access by phone

Upperline Health Urgent Care Locations

Urgent care visits at our locations

Upperline Health Pharmacy Services

Pharmacist consultations

Upperline Health Remote Biometric Monitoring

Remote biometric monitoring

Upperline Health Remote Home Visits

Home visits

Upperline Health Support

Mental health services

Clinical Dietician team

Nutritional assessments & dietician

Upperline Health Mobile Services

Community resources connections

Upperline Health Holistic Care

Personal patient navigator

Upperline Health Conditions Managed

Remote wound monitoring

Upperline Health Remote Endocrinologist

One-on-one texting and email

The Upperline Plus Team

Meet the members of the Upperline Plus team that support your total health.

Nurse Practitioners

Nurse Practitioners are available 24/7 to treat you virtually, in your home, or in our clinics. Get help fast when you’re not feeling well.
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Social Workers

Social workers provide mental health counseling and connect you with community resource to make your life easier.
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Clinical dieticians develop personalized nutrition plans and help you track your progress.
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Care Navigators

Your Care Navigator is your primary point of contact. Call them 24/7 with questions or concerns and get connected with our care team.
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Health & Wellness Coordinators

Health and Wellness Coordinators work in our podiatry clinics and will connect you to our extended care team during your next visit.
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Pharmacists answer questions about your medications, help you find better prices for your prescriptions, and collaborate with your other providers.
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Why Upperline Plus?

  • Healthcare today can be complex, inefficient, and frustrating for patients and providers.
  • Despite advancements in healthcare, patients wait until they are sick before seeking medical care, resulting in a triage approach to healthcare.
  • Upperline Plus is a value-based, total-patient approach designed to keep patients well.

Get the help you need with Upperline Plus:

  • Navigate the health system and manage your conditions.
  • Enjoy increased comfort and access to telehealth, post-acute home care, urgent care, and help with co-pays.
  • Access remote services and providers, including mental health, social workers, nutritionists, pharmacist consults, and monitoring devices.
  • Keep all your regular doctors while adding specialists you may need.
  • Enhance your health without cost or impact on your existing Medicare coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why is Medicare offering this program?

Medicare seeks to improve the coordination of care on your behalf. They also want to expand access to care in underserved areas. These benefits are achieved by connecting doctors and patients through an ACO REACH organization like Upperline Plus.


Who can join?

Any Medicare beneficiary can join online here or during your next Upperline visit. Fill out the form to see if you are eligible for Upperline Plus.


Why are we offering Upperline Plus?

We see this new model as a way to enhance care and work with other leading healthcare providers and organizations to deliver best practices for Medicare patients.


Is there a cost for the program?

There is no additional cost and no change to your Medicare benefits. You will continue to have access to any Medicare-enrolled provider or supplier.


Will my doctor change?

Medicare is not changing your doctors. You can still see any provider enrolled in Medicare. The program expands your access to healthcare and helps your doctor and providers coordinate care.


Can I still see my specialists and preferred hospital?

You can receive care from any doctor, hospital, or other healthcare provider that is enrolled in Medicare. Your providers will continue recommending specialists and hospitals for your specific health needs.


How does Medicare ensure quality of care?

Providers must meet Medicare’s robust quality standards based upon patient outcomes, care coordination, and other measures.


What does Upperline Plus do with my health information?

Medicare will send medical billing information to Upperline Plus over the past three years and going forward. This information will be used by those involved in your treatment to coordinate care, identify risks, recommend screenings, suggest vaccinations, or offer health education.


Can I change my designation of main place of care?

Yes, you can make that change by phoning the Upperline Plus phone number or via


How is Upperline Plus different from Medicare Advantage?

Medicare Advantage is delivered by private health plans. This ACO REACH program serves Medicare beneficiaries who are free to go to any Medicare doctor and are not restricted to a health plan’s in-network rules.


Can I receive care when I’m out of the area?

You can receive care from any doctor, hospital, or other healthcare provider enrolled in Medicare.


Is Upperline Plus the best plan for me?

This is not a health plan. You remain in Medicare with all the same benefits.


What is an Accountable Care Organization?

Click here to watch the “What is an Accountable Care Organization (ACO)” video provided by CMS.


Can I benefit from Upperline Plus if I am under 65?

  • Yes. Upperline Plus is also offered as a standalone program to help younger members coordinate their providers and better manage their healthcare.

About Upperline Plus