Conservative Therapy to Reduce Pain and Increase Activity

From the latest anti-inflammatory medications to physical therapy modalities, the arthritis specialists at Village Podiatry Centers can help with your arthritis pain. A complete conservative program will be regimented in order to decrease your pain and increase your mobility in a rapid fashion.

Bracing and Orthotic Care of Deformed and Arthritic Joints

The foot and ankle require stability in order to have proper function. Patients with pain have difficulty with ambulation. Our team of doctors are able to diagnose and treat moderate to severe joint deformities with bracing and orthotics. If bracing is thought to be the best option, measurements are taken and a custom brace is manufactured through the leading brace and orthotic manufacturing laboratories in the United States.

Arthritis Reconstructive Surgery

Village Podiatry Centers specializes in the latest techniques for the treatment of arthritic joints of the foot and ankle. From joint realignment procedures to fusion techniques and joint replacements, we are a complete treatment location. Through Ilizarov techniques, motion and weight bearing are possible during the recovery period.

Arthritis Implant Reconstruction

Several new implants have recently been developed for arthritis of the foot and ankle. These implants have decreased pain and dramatically sped up the amount of time necessary for recovery. Not all implants are created equal so make sure you are being treated with the latest techniques in this new and evolving field.

Upperline Health Receptionist

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