Stress Fractures

Treatment for stress fractures

One of the most common injuries Podiatrists are presented with are stress fractures or a crack in the bone. When continuous strenuous activities put pressure on the bone, it may cause it to crack. These fractures also occur from an increase in activity that happens too quickly and the body is not able to adjust.

Stress fractures most commonly occur in the heel and the bones of the midfoot. Your Podiatrist may also treat a stress fracture that occurs in the ankle bones. Symptoms include bruising, pain, and tenderness that gets worse with weight-bearing activities.

Treatment of Stress Fractures

A stress fracture can usually be treated without surgery. Rest and not fostering a weight bearing presence on the injured foot (crutches may be prescribed to assist in ambulatory movement), and/or protective footwear may be an option.

Surgery becomes an option when more conservative treatment methods have failed.

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