Understanding Podiatric Wound Care with Dr. Michael Kaye

Dr. Michael Kaye

Getting a sore and on your feet can prove particularly debilitating. No one knows this better than Upperline Health podiatrist Dr. Michael Kaye. Based out of our Mobile, Alabama clinic, Dr. Kaye has specialized in podiatric wound care since 1992.

Our feet can develop severe wounds for a number of reasons. Most commonly, patients who experience ischemia (bad circulation) or neuropathy from diabetes, are at a higher risk of developing severe foot wounds. Because these wounds get worse when weight is applied, they can get worse quickly and even become infected. It’s easy to get embarrassed and try and wait it out, hoping it will heal on its own.

“Don’t be afraid to see a doctor because of embarrassment or fear of pain,” says Dr. Kaye. “I’ve seen everything. And I want to make you feel less pain – not more.”

Rather than being put off by what bothers most of us, Dr. Kaye embraces and enjoys helping patients who’ve developed sores on their feet.

“I’ve seen people who were really suffering from not getting appropriate treatment, and I’ve been able to give them immediate relief from wounds they’ve had for years. I can usually heal them in a month or two and have them active again.”

Treatment for feet wounds varies from person to person, but in general, the first thing Dr. Kaye does is to check for and treat infection. If there is dead tissue in the wound, it gets debrided, or removed. Dr. Kaye then teaches patients how to clean and dress the wound at home and makes sure they’re able to keep weight off it, either through rest or with a special boot or shoe.

Severe wounds may require help from other specialists. Dr. Kaye has been in the Mobile area a long time and will help patients connect with the right team. He is also very passionate about teaching patients how to prevent future foot problems. He often works with patients on their diet and daily activities to ensure the healthiest outcome possible.

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